2016 Republican Convention Process & Dates

Lubbock County Convention – March 19th 2016

The LCRP County Convention will be held on March 19th (as will all of the County Conventions in Texas) by RPT rules. We will gather at the Bayer Museum of Agriculture at 1121 Canyon Lake Drive. The location and times were decided by the LCRP Executive Committee with recommendations from the county chairman and staff. Call the LCRP HQ at 806-797-3197 for more info.

Republican Party Precinct Conventions – March 3rd 2016

The precinct conventions will be held on March 3rd at 6PM at Making Memories on Broadway Event Center at 1629 Broadway, 79401. This location is just west of the Wells Fargo Center near Broadway and Ave Q. You may park at the venue or across the street in the parking lot. We’ll pray together, pledge together, but your precinct convention is between you and your neighbors. This event is sponsored by Congressional Candidate Jodey Arrington. We have room for additional sponsors if you’re interested. Call the LCRP HQ at 806-797-3197 for more info.

Texas State Republican Convention
– May 12
th – 14th 2016 in Dallas

Republican National Convention
– July 18
th – 21st 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio


Delegate Selection

Qualifications – One does not have to be present but one must qualify to be a delegate under at least one of the following:

  • Voted in the Republican primary election
  • Affiliate, by oath, with the party – meaning they didn’t vote in another party’s primary election or participate in another party’s convention process.

Selection – After it is determined that the individual meets one of the qualifications they must be elected by the current convention to be a delegate or alternate at the next level in the convention process.

  • An individual does not have to be present to be elected to serve as a delegate or alternate at the next level of the convention process
  • Once the convention has adjourned no other names can be added as delegates or alternates.
  • Anyone attending the Precinct Convention is a delegate at the Precinct Convention. It is from the Precinct Convention that delegates to the County Convention are selected.