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Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner set for March 7th, see details here.

See list of filings for the 2018 Lubbock Co. Republican Primary here (pdf).



Welcome, I look forward to working with you as we campaign to elect Republicans to office.

Joining our email list is the best way we can keep you informed of events and volunteer opportunities. Also, I encourage you to become involved in one of our affiliate organizations.

If I can be of service, please contact me by email or leave a message for me at 806-797-3197.

Steve Evans

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How to participate in party affairs:

First, anyone who has voted in the Republican Primary, either on election day or through early voting, may attend and participate in their voting precinct’s Precinct Convention (details on these will be posted on the Conventions page when appropriate.) It is through this process that one becomes a delegate to the County, or District, Convention.VoteRepubWinnSigns125x125

Second, any registered voter may file, directly with the party’s county chairman or secretary, an application to be placed on the ballot as a candidate for Precinct Chairman for the voter’s precinct of residence. Filing deadlines may be obtained by contacting the party offices. Precinct Chairman, different from Precinct Convention Chairman, are elected by the voters of their precinct and serve a two-year term as members of the County Executive Committee. (Precinct Convention Chairman are elected at the precinct convention and simply chair that meeting and lead their delegation at the County Convention.)

Third, a person wishing to be notified of candidate visits, party events or wanting to volunteer for party work, should join our email list. We use our email list to announce events, put out calls for volunteers, and let you know important local GOP news.


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